Galveston Bay Action Network

We need your help to protect Galveston Bay and the Greater Houston-Galveston area!

Pollution events such as chemical spills, illegal discharge of boat sewage, and the dumping of trash have the potential to impact water quality.  This in turn can threaten the health of citizens, the environment, and wildlife.  By mobilizing the public to report these incidents, a broader coverage of pollution monitoring and incident reporting can be achieved.  Having more eyes on the Bay can help us to better protect this critical ecosystem and surrounding communities.

That’s why we created the Galveston Bay Action Network (GBAN;, an interactive tool that enables citizens to easily report pollution relating to sewage, abandoned vessels, discolored water, fish kills, trash, and more. Through GBAN, citizens can report any type of pollution they see in seconds using their desktop or mobile device. These pollution reports are then immediately sent to the appropriate authorities, thereby removing the need to research where to send your concerns! Having an easy way for the public to submit pollution reports eliminates the hassle of figuring out who to report to and provides regulatory agencies with an earlier response to pollution events. 

You can make a difference by taking action and utilizing GBAN to report pollution events.  Be the eyes on your Bay and report what you see!